George Woodruff
George Woodruff (3), son of Elias (1), a man of high moral excellence, was graduated by the College of New Jersey, studied and practiced law in Georgia, was appointed district attorney by President Adams, and died at his residence, near Trenton, September 3d, 1846, aged 82, having married Jean Houstoun, of Savannah, who died March, 1848, aged 73. She was the daughter of George Houstoun son of Sir Patrick Houstoun, whose son, John, was governor of Georgia. Their children were: George H, a graduate of Princeton, took orders in the. Episcopal Church, and died at Carlisle, 1822, aged 25; Elias, died in England; Houstoun, married Louisa C. Johnston, of Georgia, who died a few months after the birth of her only child, Louisa C. ; Robert I., also a graduate of Princeton, married, first, Mary, daughter of Rue Baker, who died soon after marriage, he moved to Princeton, Ill., and married, second, Isabella Swift, has children: Mary and Susan; T. Moody, moved to Princeton, Ill., married Eliza Swift, has children: George and William; Mary, wife of Dr. Charles L. Pearson, of Trenton, has sons: Charles and George; and Dickinson, was educated at Princeton, studied law, and practiced in St. Louis, joined the United States Army, and is now colonel in the service.