Aaron D. Woodruff

Aaron D. Woodruff (2), son of Elias (1), was a man highly esteemed for his abilities and probity; was born at Elizabeth, in 1762; was graduated with honor by the College of New Jersey, in 1799, having been appointed valedictorian of the class. He was admitted to the bar in 1784; made attorney-general in 1793, an office which he filled for twenty-four years, with high distinction, till his death, in 1817, having won, by his uncompromising integrity, the confidence of all. He served for a time in the legislature, and was a trustee of the First Church of Trenton. He married Grace, daughter of Thomas Lowry, of Alexandria, N. J., who died 1815, aged 49, and by her had children: Elias Decou (4); Thomas L. (5); Susan, wife of George Thomson, whose children are: Maria, Elias D., and George; Hetty, married Rev. John Smith, for some years pastor of the First Church of Trenton; and Aaron D., died in youth.