Benjamin Van Cleve
Benjamin Van Cleve (5), son of John (3), resided in Lawrence, and rose to distinction. He commanded a company in 'the battle of Long Island, and was promoted to major of the First Regiment of Hunterdon county, in 1777. He resigned on account of his election to the assembly, of which lie was for several years a member, and in 1784, its speaker. He was also surrogate of the county. He died August 31st, 1817, aged 77, having married, first, Mary, daughter of Joseph Wright, who was one of the matrons dressed in white that received Washington at the bridge of Trenton. She died 1784, aged 38, having bad children: John Wright (18); Phebe, married John Stevens, no children; Cornelia, married Thomas Stevens; Elizabeth, second wife of Dr. Israel Clarke, of Clarkesville, her children were: Mary, wife of Dr. Alexander Hart, of Philadelphia, son of John V. Hart, and Elizabeth; Joseph W. (19); and Benjamin, died young. He married, second, September 20th, 1786, Anna, daughter of the Rev. Caleb Smith, (see Smith family, No. 4,) of Orange, and widow of George Green, (see Green family, No. 7) of Lawrence, she had by him, one son, died in childhood, and died 1789, aged 40.