Rev. Caleb Smith
Rev. Caleb Smith (4), son of Major William Henry (2), was graduated at Yale, 1743,
licensed to preach after having studied theology under the Rev. Jonathan Dickinson.
He was a man of great ability, and became one of the more popular preachers of the day.
He accepted the call of the Presbyterian Church of Orange, in 1748, was elected a trustee
of the College of New Jersey in 1750, in behalf of which he exerted an important influence,
was ever its warm and active friend, and became its president pro tem after the death of
President Edwards. He married, first, Martha, youngest daughter of Jonathan Dickinson,
a lady of genius, refinement, and superior education. She died 1757, aged 31,
leaving children : Anna, wife of George Green, (see Green family, No. 7);
Elizabeth, wife of Captain John Phillips ; and Jane, wife of Hon. Win. C. Houston,
(see Houston family, No. 1) ; his second wife was Rebecca, daughter of
Hon. Major Foote, of Bramford, Connecticut, by whom he had one son, Apollos.