Robert Reeder Green Died 1979:
Author of The Land Along the Shabakunks

Robert Reeder Green was the eldest child of Amos R. Green and Myra Hellings. was an engineer, who worked on Wall Street in New York City. He also loved to tend his garden. He and his wife Florence lived on the north/west side of Carlton Avenue, in a lovely, brick, colonial revival house. The house stands on the western end of the former Reeder-Green Farm, only a short walk from Route 31 and The College of New Jersey. It was custom built to his specifications. TCNJ now owns the home.

His great niece Lauren remembers Robert, who died shortly after completing his book in 1979. One particularly vivid memory occurred the Christmas of 1977, when Lauren was only eight years of age. She walked up to Robert, who was quite tall, and affixed a blue wrapping bow to his forehead. Robert looked down at her and smiled. --Editor

Right: Robert as a young man.
Left: His grave in Ewing Church Cemetery
Robert Reeder Green