Nathaniel Moore

Nathaniel Moore (6), son of Samuel (2), came to this township from Long Island, in 1708, bought 500 acres of land about two miles from Pennington, on which he lived till his death, September 6th, 1759, aged 72. He married Joanna, daughter of the Rev. John Prudden, a Presbyterian clergyman of Newark, N.J., by whom he had children: John, (15);  Samuel (16); Joseph (17); Benjamin (18); Phebe, married Richard Green, (see Green family, No. 6); Abigail, married, first, Sackett Moore (No. 7); second, Jonathan Smith, (see Smith family, No. 3); and Sarah, married Benjamin Temple, (see Temple family, No. 3).

From Pioneers of Old Hopewell:  
"Nearly all the earliest pioneers of old Hopewell of 1700 to 1720, came from Long Island and at about the same time; and the friends whom they left behind, said they had gone 'away over in the Jarseys'. Of these first settlers who built their cabins in the wilds within a radius of two miles from the crossing of the paths at Nathaniel Moore's, we might mention Sheriff John Muirhead, his nearest neighbor on the west, and Elnathan Baldwin, at about the same distance on the north; also George Woolsey, John Welling, Enoch Armitage, John Titus, Robert Blackwell, Thomas Burroughs, William Cornell…"- pp 167-68

When Nathaniel Moore (one of his sons will marry a Green, see below) died in 1759, his will read in part:

"He gives to his four sons, John, Samuel, Joseph and Benjamin, all his wearing apparel and also one undivided right in the schoolhouse lot in Pennington and one right in the Trenton Library* 
[Then the Ege footnote reads]:
"The schoolhouse lot was conveyed by John Smith, merchant, to Nathaniel Moore, William Cornwell, John Everitt, Ralph Hunt, Jonathan Furman, Rueben Armitage and Stephen Baldwin, for the sum of ten pounds."- p 169


"Joseph Moore, the third son of Nathaniel, who, as stated our last, owned the tract on the west side of the road at Pennington, resided in a house which stood on the site of the late residence of John E. Burd, deceased. He was born in 1721 and married about 1744, Christian, daughter of Richard Green, and granddaughter of Judge William Green, a pioneer of Old Hopewell (now in Ewing) Township. Her mother was Mary, daughter of George Ely of Trenton, who was a member of the first common council of the Borough of Trenton in 1746, and Col. George Ely of the Third Regiment, Hunterdon County, June 21, 1781, was doubtless his brother. From this time the name 'Ely' was adopted as a Christian name in the Moore family.

"The children of Joseph Moore and Christian Green were Ely, Moses, Ephraim and
Elizabeth, wife of Col. John Van Cleve of Hopewell.

"Joseph Moore married second, Mary, daughter of Rueben Armitage. The will of Mr. Moore is on file in the office of the Secretary of State at Trenton. It is dated January 1, 1773, and proved December 1791."