Stephen Lanning

Stephen Lanning (2), son of Robert (1), died in 1780. By his wife, Abigail, daughter of Ralph Hart, (see Hart family, No. 1,) had children: Ralph (8); Robert (9); Elijah (10); Stephen (11); Sarah, who married Joseph Scudder, of Lawrenceville; Abigail, married Israel Jones, and had children: Elizabeth, the second wife of Joshua Reed, (see Reed family, No. 5), Ralph, who never married, Joel, who married Theodosia, daughter of Ralph Lanning, Stephen, who married Sarah, another daughter of Ralph Lanning, and Hulda, who died unmarried; Mary, married Mr. Cook, and they had children: Rebecca, Elias, and Hannah; Elizabeth, married Henry Pierson; Mercy, died, unmarried, in 1784, aged about 80.