Elijah Webster Lanning

Elijah Webster Lanning (19), son of Nathaniel (18), is an elder of the Ewing church. By his first wife, Cornelia, daughter of William Mershon, who died 1854, aged 29, he had two children: William Mershon., married Jennie Hemenway, and Wallace, married Bell Cadwallader; and second, by Sarah, daughter of Nathaniel Coleman, (see Coleman family, No. 5,) had children: Alfred M., married Ella G. Cox; Cornelia Jane; Herbert; Harry Webster.

William Mershon Lanning from http://politicalgraveyard.com/:
Lanning, William Mershon (1849-1912) Born in Ewingville, Mercer County, N.J., January 1, 1849. Republican. District judge in New Jersey, 1887-89; delegate to New Jersey state constitutional convention, 1894; U.S. Representative from New Jersey 4th District, 1903-04; Judge of U.S. District Court for New Jersey, 1904-09; Judge of U.S. Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit, 1909-12; died in office 1912. Died February 16, 1912. Interment at Presbyterian Cemetery, Ewing, N.J.