Isaac Green

Rev Cooley stated only that "...he removed to Sussex County, NJ, where his descendants are to be found..."
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Isaac Green Descendants in Cyberland
Joanne Williams Sherman
I am descended from Wm. Green's son, Isaac, to his daughter, Jemima, who married Benjamin Reed, then to their son, Stephen, who married Alice Bonham, to Daniel married to Elizabeth Fuller, to Hezekiah Reed married to Mary Elizabeth Wells, to Margaret Jane married to Henry Williams, to Howard Williams married to Goldie Maude Lee, to Bert Williams married to Olive Hermane Peterson, to myself.
Leah Reed
She is from the line of Stephen's son, Benjamin. Leah reports that Stephen Reed married Else Bonham in Maidenhead in 1782.
Mary Anna Fox
I am from the Stephen Reed and Alice Bonham to Hezekiah Bonham Reed and Elizabeth Whitmore line. Hezekiah & Elizabeth married and all died in Ohio after having very large families of their own.
Harold Reed is also from Hezekiah's line.
Nancy Brunk   Benjamin Reed to Stephen Reed and then probably Benjamin again who was married to Jemima Green.