William Green & Joanna Reeder of Hunterdon, NJ:
Pioneers of Ewing, New Jersey

Wm Green's Stone

"I am Judge William Green , writing to you from the grave. I died in the year of our Lord 1722. I am buried in First Presbyterian Church of Ewing cemetery , near Scotch Road. I came from England, arriving in Philadelphia where I stayed a short time, then traveled to New York. There I met the Reeder family who had settled in the village of New Town, Long Island , and married Joanna Reeder. We came to Ewing about 1700 or a short time before.

"I purchased 350 acres of land from the Severns and Brearly families and we moved into the Severns wooden farmhouse. It has been family tradition that the first brick portion was constructed in 1717, but this was probably not so. My son William Jr. probably built the first brick portion. We later moved to Birmingham, known today as West Trenton, near the Delaware River. Joanna and I reared a family of seven sons and four daughters. I died 16 June 1722.

"Our eleven children were: Richard, Joseph, William, Esther, Mary, Joanna, Sarah, Benjamin, John, Jeremiah and Isaac."

The Friends of the William Green Farmhouse have found no record of Joanna's date of death, nor her grave in the Ewing churchyard, where she most certainly was buried. We suspect that by searching Richard Green Sr. documents, this enigma can be solved. We do know that Joanna "Hannah" was alive on Sept. 12, 1734 . On that date she and her son William were admitted to the Old House . -Editor


The Old  House

“People will not look forward to posterity, who never look backward to their ancestors.”—Edmund Burke (1790)

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