Wilson Hunt died 1782

Wilson Hunt (8), son of John (6), aged 67, married Susannah, daughter of Mr. Price, of Wales. She died 1783, aged 68, leaving had children: Elijah, married, and died in 1760, aged 31, having a daughter, Hannah, died young, and Rachel, married Mr. Lightfoot; James (10); Abraham (11); Nathaniel, died 1825, aged 81, having married Miss Peets, of New York, and had children: Theodocia, Sallie, Wilson, Johns, of New York and Fitz-Randolph; John, married, and had a daughter; Susanna, wife of Maj. Peter Gorden, U.S.A. of Trenton, who died 1823, aged 71; Margaret, married Mr. Johnes, of Lawrence; Charity, wife of Dr. De Camp, of Stoutsburg, surgeon in U.S.A., who died 1776, aged 23; John Price (12); Enoch, not married; Abigail, wife of Col. Stout; Joanna, died unmarried; and Naomi, married Peter Lott, to whose children, Peter and Naomi, mentioned in his will, he leaves property, he also mentions a granddaughter, Ruth Phillips, who may have been the child of another daughter married to a Phillips.

Wilson Hunt was one of the most active businessmen of his day in Hopewell and Maidenhead Townships. His homestead recently sold at auction, and it includes the stone house probably built by his father John Hunt in about 1740. His daughter Elizabeth married Jonathan Stout who died prior to 1764, date of his father Joseph Stout's will. The elder Stout left land to three sons of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Hunt) Stout - Joseph, Wilson, and Daniel. There was also a daughter Ruth, who married William Phillips of Maidenhead, if memory serves. Wilson Hunt was the executor for Jonathan Stout's estate, and he rented their homestead to his son John Price Hunt, while the fatherless Stout children were too young to operate it themselves. In 1778, Washington and his generals planned the battle of Monmouth there, and for that reason it is called the Hunt house, and the "house of decision". One of the best resources on the Stouts is Ralph Ege, Pioneers of Old Hopewell. Also look for Nathan Stout's Stout family history written circa 1825." - David Blackwell, Stout and Hunt descendant, trustee of The Friends of Wm Green Farmhouse.