Daniel Howell Died 1732
Married Mary Died 1760

Daniel Howell (1), died April 25th, 1732, aged 52, having married Mary, sister of Ebenezer Priout's wife; she died September 26th, 1760, aged 76, and had children: David (2); Phebe, born September 28th, 1707, married John Scudder, (see Scudder family No. 10); Elizabeth, born January 9th, 1709, married William Pearson; John, died January 13th, 1732, aged 20; Hannah, born February 24th, 1714; Daniel (3), born February 24th, 1716; Mary, born February 6th, 1718; Abigail, died January 31st, 1746, aged 26; Joshua (4), born October 11th, 1722; Prudence, died January 13th, 1734, aged 10; Hezekiah (5), born August 7th, 1727.
It is believed on good family tradition that the first American ancestor of the Howell family came from Kent county, England. Daniel Howell (1) came to Ewing, New Jersey, from Long Island; he purchased and lived on the land which has continued in the family, last inherited by a great-great-granddaughter, married Alfred Muirhead. The deeds for his land were one from Samuel Coxe and John Hutchinson, dated 1702, and one from William Worrell, dated 1705.

Below: Daniel and Mary Howell's Graves in Ewing Church Cemetery