John Dean died 1760

John Dean (1) came to Ewing township early in the eighteenth century, and purchased the place on the Delaware next above Gen. Thomas Cadwalder’s, which still remains in the possession of his descendants. He died 1760, leaving children: Stephen (2); John; Jacob, who settled in Pennsylvania, and had a son, Jesse, whose daughter, Mary, became the wife of Stephen Dean (4); Martha, married Benjamin Green (see Green family, No. 5) and died 1768, aged 57; Elizabeth, married Mr. Lane; Hannah, married Mr. James; one of them moved to Virginia, the other to Pennsylvania; Mary, died 1736, aged 27.

John Dean, a founder of Ewing Presbyterian church, died 1760/61. His wife's name was Mary. It is believed he was the son of John Dean, son of Samuel Dean of Long Island~but this is supposition and has yet to be proven. John listed seven children in his will, one was Jacob who lived in Pennsylvania at that time." -Richard Dean North

Below: Mary Dean's Stone.

Living Descendants of John and Mary out there in Cyberland:

Richard Dean North

(1) Timothy Howell 1743~1804 m Deborah Green 1750~1832
*(2] Benjamin Howell 1773~1822 m Letetia Howell 1786~1879
_*(3]Charity Ann Howell 1813~1890 m Gershom Craven Sergeant 1807~1881 X
__*[4]Garretta Roe Sergeant 1848~1930 m George Melancthon Vansinderen
1846~1909 X
___*(5) Clara Adrian Vansinderen 1881~1966 m John William Dean 1881~1918
____*(6) Louise Dean 1915~ m Frank H North 1912~1959  XX
_____*(7) Richard Dean North 1943~ XX

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