Samuel Moore "Devil Sam" Green Died 1859
Married Mary Perrine

"Samuel Green (44), son of William (41), died April 1st, 1859, aged 68, having married Mary, daughter of Henry Perrine, of Monmouth, who died November 25th, 1847, aged 52. Their children were: Emily, wife of Henry Bilyeu; William A. (45); Phebe, wife of Francis Sneed; Henry (46); Lydia; Sarah, wife of David Jeffries; Hannah, wife of Henry LanningLewis, went to Australia, and there married; and John, married Elizabeth, daughter of William Scudder; has children, Margaret and Sarah."

"I married Mary "Polly" Perrine on November 10, 1813 by Rev Joseph Rue, minister of our church."

"A notorious practical joker and kidder, I died on April Fools Day!"

After Samuel's death, the original farm off Green Lane was divided. William A. took possession of all land east of the Shabakunk Creek, toward Ewingville Road. Henry P. stayed in the old family house and operated the farm and land west of the creek.

Son John his wife, Elizabeth, daughter of William Scudder, moved to Kansas City.

Son Lewis, went to Australia, and there married Sarah Jane Morrison. He died in Kansas in 1899, probably while visiting his younger brother John. Had children: John W. Green (birth cert. ordered), born Dunolly, 1857. 2. Henry Green (birth not registered), born January 23, 1860, don't know where (in Victoria), details Australia Post historical records. 3. David Jeffery Green, born 1860, died 19 years of age, 1880 Dunolly (death cert. ordered) - could have been a miner and therefore a mining accident. Definitely their child though, must verify the birth date. (ordered birth cert. too). 4. Frank Green, born November 28, 1861, Chisolms Flat... 5. Emily Green, born 1864, Newbridge...near Dunolly.6. Florence Green, born 1868, Woods Point....Gippsland area (gold fields, but well to the east of the State).