Armitage Green Died 1854

Armitage (21), son of Nathaniel (9), was a merchant of Trenton; died July 19th, 1854, having married, first, Anna Maria, daughter of Daniel Williams, of Freehold, and had children: Augustus (22); Amanda, died in childhood; and Nathaniel (23). His second wife was Susan, daughter of John Moore.

Armitage and his wife Susan lie buried in a Clinton Ave cemetery near the Trenton Railway Station. Susan's date of death is listed as April 16th, 1883 and her husband's date as shown above. Also engraved on the same pillar stone and lying opposite them are Susan's sister Elizabeth M. Maynard, died April 17, 1874 and her husband X.J. Maynard, died May 26, 1856; he was a banker by trade.