James B. Green Jr.

"James B. Green (20), son of James B. (17), a trustee of the Ewing Church, married, first, Deborah, daughter of Cornelius Moore. She died August 14, 1855, aged 34, leaving children: Theodore, who entered the Union Army, and, as lieutenant, but commanding Company I, of the Fourteenth New Jersey Volunteers, fell, gallantly fighting, in the battle of Winchester, Va., September 19th, 1864, aged 20; and Albert, died in childhood. By his second wife, Maria, daughter of Benjamin Van Cleve, who died 1877, aged 59, has a son, John*, married Marion, daughter of George Potts. His third wife was Eleanor Woolsey."

John Van Cleve Green
(B-Oct 9 1858, D-Aug 31 1921) married Marion Louise Potts, daughter of George S Potts and Mary Burdsall.

Had children-
1.Washington Russell Green

2. Lillian Green

3. Marion May Green

4. Marshall DeWitt Green

5. James B. Green III


A map of
West Trenton Birmingham
in 1882,
showing the farm of
J. B. Green