Alexander B. Green
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"Alexander B. Green (19), son of James B. (17), was a merchant of Trenton, now a resident of Ewing; was a member of the state legislature; is an elder in the Ewing Church. He married, first, Mary Ann, daughter of Clark Chambers, who died May 4th, 1848, aged 34, leaving children: Louisa, wife of Harvey Fisk, a wealthy banker of New York, of the firm of Fisk & Hatch, and son of Rev. Joel Fisk, a Congregational clergyman, who died 1856, aged 60, and who, with his wife, Clarinda Chapman, who died 1878, aged 78, is buried in the Ewing church-yard; Alexander, who, at the age of 23, promptly responded to the call of his country, and was one of those brave men of the Fourteenth New Jersey Volunteers, Lieut. Col. Caldwell Hall commanding, who laid down their lives in the desperate fight at Monocacy Bridge, against overwhelming numbers; and Mary. His second wife was Jane Rice, of Trenton. His third, Mary, daughter of Daniel Cook. His fourth, Clementine Davis, of Columbia, Pa."

Alexander's former home at 295 West Upper Ferry Road, along the bank of the canal, is a historic landmark in Ewing. He bought the home from Amos Reeder Jr. Amos Reeder Sr had purchased the home from the Scudders.  Alexander ran a lumber yard, a stop on the Bel Del line of the PRR.
Alexander's daughter Louisa Green and her husband Harvey Fisk summered in another of Ewing's historical buildings. Their mansion home along the Delaware, just south of the Scudder's Falls Interstate 95 bridge, is now part of Villa Victoria Academy.

Left: The Fisk Mansion Today

The Fisk Mansion in a 1920s ad.
Built in the late 1860s, this was the Victorian summer home of the Fisk family. It boasted 35 rooms total.

Harvey and Louisa had 6 sons, and 5 daughters.

Harvey Edward Fisk (3/28/1856)
Charles Joel Fisk (6/16/1858)
Pliny Fisk (8/26/1860)
Alexander Green Fisk (9/26/1862)
Frederick H. Fisk (5/18/1866)
Wilbur Chapman Fisk (2/22/1868)

Alexander B Green Descendants in Cyberland:

Hank Paine
"Charles Joel Fisk was my great-grandfather."

David Fisk

"Harvey Fisk III is my father...His grandfather is Harvey Fisk also uncle was Pliney Fisk (economics library at Princeton bears his name) I have extensive (500 year family history until 1950s of fisk family) There was a wall street firm called Fisk and Hatch in late 1800s.....I am last in the line of fisk males related to Harvey least as far as I know..I have no sons and three father's only brother John Fisk was killed during the weeks after D-day in Europe.....Pliny Fisk I believe was my father's uncle.....maybe great-uncle...."

Edward Gerrish Mair
Ed says: "Harvey Fisk is a descendent of Henry Samson of the Mayflower":

Henry Samson + Anne Plummer -> Plymouth->Duxbury
Stephen Samson + Elizabeth? -> Duxbury
Hannah Sampson + Robert Tyler -> Duxbury -> Mendon MA
Dorcas Tyler + Ebenezer Fisk -> Mendon -> Shelburne MA -> Waitsfield VT
Moses Fisk + Hammh Batchellor  ->. Waitsfield VT
Joel Fisk + Clarinda Chapman  -> VT -> Ewing
Harvey Fisk + Louisa Green  -> VT -> NY & Ewing