Past Owners of the House

John Severns (log cabin phase)

Wm and Joanna (Reeder) Green

“William Green, ancestor of the families of that name in this region, dissatisfied with some new relation in his father’s family, left his native land, England, at the early age of twenty, and landed at the port of Philadelphia. Soon after, desirous of returning, and finding no vessel about to sail from that port, he went to New York, but not meeting with an opportunity immediately, visited Long Island. He there became acquainted with the family of John Reeder , recently arrived from England, whose sister, or daughter, Joanna, in process of time, he married, and removed to Ewing township, about 1700. He purchased three hundred and forty-five acres of Col. Daniel Coxe , the deed bearing the date 1712, and on it erected the first brick house in the township, which is still standing, having on the west end the date, 1717, and is owned and occupied by his descendent of the fifth generation, Henry Green . His qualities were such as to give him distinction, for he was appointed one of the first judges of Hunterdon county, and from the frequent mention of his name in public affairs and important business transactions, he was evidently a prominent and useful citizen. He died, as is indicated by his antique tombstone in the Ewing church-yard, in 1722.”- From Rev. Eli Cooley’s Book: Early Settlers in Trenton and Ewing, p 78

Their eleven children were: Richard, Joseph, William, Esther, Mary,
Joanna, Sarah, Benjamin, John, Jeremiah and Isaac.

Wm Green, Jr and Lydia (Armitage) Green

“William, son of William, who died 1786, aged 84, was one of the corporators of Trenton First Church (now Ewing) from 1756 to 1764. He married Lydia, daughter of Enoch Armitage, by whom he had Enoch; William; Joanna, wife of Christopher Howell; and Mary, wife of Daniel Howell.

William W Green III and Phebe (Moore) Green

“William Green, son of William, who died October 30th, 1815, aged 72, married Phebe, daughter of Samuel Moore , who died February 16th, 1837, aged 84, having had children: Enoch, a physician, went South, and died young, at Savannah, Ga.; Elijah, not married, died 1850, aged 68; Samuel; Lydia, married Israel Carle ; Rebecca, married John Welling ; Sarah, died May 28th ,1820, aged 44; and Mary, wife of John Jones .”- Rev. Cooley

Phebe and William married 1772. The Rev. John Guild performed the ceremony in the Moore’s Hopewell home.

Samuel Moore Green and Mary (Perrine) Green

“Samuel Green (44), son of William (41), died April 1st, 1859, aged 68, having married Mary, daughter of Henry Perrine, of Monmouth, who died November 25th, 1847, aged 52. Their children were: Emily, wife of Henry Bilyeu; William A. (45); Phebe, wife of Francis Sneed; Henry (46); Lydia; Sarah, wife of David Jeffries; Hannah, wife of Henry Lanning; Lewis, went to Australia, and there married; and John, married Elizabeth, daughter of William Scudder; has children, Margaret and Sarah.”

Married Mary “Polly” Perrine on November 10, 1813 by Rev Joseph Rue, minister of our Hopewell Church.

Henry Perrine Green and Virginia (Reeder) Green

Henry P. Green, son of Samuel, married Virginia, daughter of Amos Reeder. Their children are: William, married Augustine, daughter of William Scudder; Frederic, married Mary Lee; Anna, died in youth; Florence, died in childhood; Henry; and Amos Reeder.

Henry P. Green, son of Samuel  and Mary (Perrine) Green, was the owner of a farm of one hundred and sixty acres, which he cultivated in a most efficient manner. 

Lydia Moore

Jewell Blackwell

Trenton State College/TCNJ

Information on Greens who owned the farm from a report  prepared for the Division of Building and Construction; New Jersey State Department of Treasury; Control No: DBC 1776 in August of 1976 by Short & Ford , Architects and Heritage Studies, Historical Consultants. Both were based in Princeton, NJ

Eventually the Greens and then Lydia Moore left the Wm Green House and the Blackwell family bought that end of the farm. Here are some memories passed on by the Blackwell descendants.

Friends of the William Green Farmhouse