John Reeder Died 1788
Married Hannah Mershon

"John Reeder, only son of Isaac and Joanna (Hunt) Reeder, was born at Ewing, New Jersey, April 12, 1725, died August 15, 1788. He married, January 18, 1753, Hannah Marshand.”
(Genealogy and Personal Memories of Mercer County, New Jersey; Francis B. Lee, Page 604).

"John Reeder (4), son of Isaac (3), died 1788, aged 64, having married, January 18th, 1753, Hannah Mershon, daughter of Andrew Mershon. She died 1781, aged 49, having had children: Isaac, born 1754, and died, aged 30, having married Rachel, daughter of Daniel Scudder, by whom he had no children; Charles (5); Andrew*, married Sarah, daughter of Stephen Burrowes, died, aged 49; John (6); Francina, born 1758, married Capt. Robert Chambers; Abagail, born 1760, died unmarried; Letitia, born 1761, married, first, Henry Krewson, second, Joseph Hunt, whose children are: Peter, Mary, and Letitia; Absalom (7); Hannah, born 1764, wife of Amos Hartley, of Amwell, whose children are: Mary, Garret Schenck, John, and Amos; Abner, born 1766, married Hannah Wilkinson, of Pennsylvania; Benjamin, born 1768, died, aged 15; Amos (8); Rebecca, died, aged 12; Mercy, born 1774, wife of William Praul, of Amwell, had William R., died young; and Elizabeth, wife of Solomon Landis, had one daughter."

Note: According to Hopewell church records transcribed by the DAR (NJR 929.3 PRE):
 Abigail Reeder, sister of Amos Reeder, died Nov 26 1838

“I was a private in Captain John Mott’s Company, 1st Regiment, Hunterdon County Militia; in active service; entered September 19, 1777; Mustered October 7, 1777, by Joseph W. Wallace, Mustermaster General. My sons Andrew and Isaac also served in the Revolution.  Isaac was Wagonmaster for Capt. Tucker's Company. My father-in-law, Andrew Mershon (died 1793), and his son, Henry also served in the Revolution.”

Right and Left: John Reeder's Sword.
"It was the special pleasure of Reeder Green to display the old sword said to have been used by his great-grandfather John Reeder (b 1725) in the Revolution, and by his grandfather Amos Reeder Sr. in the War of 1812."*
From Page 77 of The Reeder Family Association; Vol. I, August 1984:

John and Hannah's son Andrew Reeder , Lt Capt Rev War, born 4/17/1755, died 1824, is buried beside his wife Sarah Reeder in Ewing Church Cemetery. Andrew was on the building committee for the brick church, 1795, that preceded the current sanctuary. Sarah's mother, Sarah Burrowes, was a Hart, and a sister of that John Hart who signed the Declaration of Independence

John Reeder's Sword

Bill O'Neal holds John Reeder's sword at the Mershon Family Association Annual Meeting in 2012

Right Top to Bottom:

1. The stone of Hannah Reeder, wife of Abner. Abner's Stone broke off at ground level. It is now doubled behind this one. Stone reads "Hannah W Reeder wife of Abner Reeder died Dec (26?) 1810.

2. John and Hannah Reeder

3. John Reeder's Revolutionary Soldier marker.

Hannah and Abner
John and Hannah
John Reeder