Jeremiah Green Born 1710 Died 1762
Married Joanna Hunt

"I married Joanna Hunt (abt 1719 - abt 1789), the daughter of John Hunt and Margaret Moore. We Moved From
New Jersey to Rowan County North Carolina as part of
The Jersey Settlement. "

Our Children Were:
Richard GREEN (abt 1740 - abt 1818)
Mary GREEN (abt 1745 - )
Hannah GREEN (5 May 1746 - 2 Apr 1811)
Joanna GREEN  (abt 1747 - 17 Mar 1840)
Jeremiah GREEN Jr.  (15 Feb 1755 - 30 Dec 1839)
John GREEN  (3 Feb 1757 - 21 Nov 1826) 
Stephen GREEN

Jeremiah was still in the Trenton area in 1741, when he was listed on the census. Attempts to tie him to land in that area have proven in vain. Perhaps he lived on the Wm Green plantation in West Trenton prior to moving to NC.

There are different versions of Jeremiah & Joanna's Tree. .
Here are two versions offered to date:

Lenny Green's Version

Carol Pitman's Version

Left: David & Mary Greene's House-- The home was built around 1850 on the prongs of Stony Fork Creek by David Greene and his wife Mary Liurance Greene.  His parents were Issac "Flatty" Greene and Mary "Polly" Booth Greene.

Right: The valley...  with the home in the distance.

Above: Jeremiah Green III's tombstone--
Duck Creek. 
Located in Hancock, TN.
Top reads:
"First Greene family in Hancock County, TN"

Cyber Linked Living Descendants of Jeremiah & Joanna Green:
If you would like to be added to this list, please send "William Green" an e-mail. Please omit reference to any descendants still living.
Lenny Green
William Green and Joanna Reeder
Jeremiah Green I and Johanna Hunt
Jeremiah Green II and Mary "Polly" Wiseman
Jeremiah Green III and Katherine Hagaman
Wiseman Green and Mary Glenn
Elias Asier Green and Leah Catherine Green
Jerry Virgis Green and Ruthie Elizabeth Faught
Bethel F. Green and Pearl J. Roach
*Note: This descendancy is through Wiseman's daughter, Leah Catherine Green. She married Elias Asier Green (My ggrandfather) in Buncombe Co 1863, and we have never learned who his parents were.
Carol Pitman
My direct lineage is William > Jeremiah > Richard > Amos >>Emilie who married Walter Williams in Henderson Co, NC.
Kelvin Moore
Amos Green and wife, Elizabeth Searcy are 3rd-great grandparents on my mother's side. Their direct line continues with son, Jonathan and grandson, James. Do not have much information on Amos and Elizabeth other than LDS records. William Green (b. 1671-d. 1722) and Joanna Reeder are g-grandparents of Amos.
Julie Scott
Hannah Baird/ Moses Cox
Levi Cox/Elizabeth Wade
Assenath Jane Cox/John Winn
Robert R. Winn/Etta E. Borell
Golda Lenore Winn/Edward Cleary
Muriel L. Cleary/C. V. Ingram
Virginia Flaherty
Hannah  Green-/ Andrew Beard(Baird)- (her 2nd husband)
Darlene M. Green
Richard Green /Ellender Sullivan.
Richard was my gggg grandfather.
Paula Swallows Stover
I descended from Enoch Green, g g grandson of William. My Enoch married Elizabeth Adams and moved to Overton Co, TN and then to neighboring Putnam Co, TN where he died Nov 1886. My line goes:
William> Jeremiah>Jeremiah, Jr>John>Enoch
Jean GRILL (Jean Hines)
Jeremiah GREEN Jr. - Mary "Polly" WISEMAN
Huston GREEN - Susan Ellen BASSETT
Adelbert S.GREEN - Anna Elizabeth O'BRIEN
Robert Lee GREEN - Bertha C. CORDES
Mary Frances Hartley Colson  
I am a direct descendant of William Green 1 through Jeremiah Green I and II.  Jeremiah II's daughter Joanna married my gr gr grandfather, Reuben Hartley.
Kay Parsons
William Green, is  my gr,gr,gr,gr,gr,gr, grandfather. Jeremiah Green III on my mother's side of the family. The information I have is: From Jeremiah 1,2 and 3, the line goes to Joel Greene to Benjamin Harrison Green to my Grandfather, George Dewey Green.
Susan Gayle Cody
1.  William Greene  m Joanne Reeded or Reeder
2.  Jeremiah Greene m Joanna Hunt
3.  Jeremiah Greene Jr (ii) m Mary Polly Wiseman
4.  Jeremiah Greene III m Anne F. Hartley (this is where the book I have
written by Alton Greene in 1970 begins.)
5.  Richard Greene m Virginia Jane Trent
6.  William Greene m Rebecca Seals (Greene) <-- I think she was married
before - I'll have to look later.
7.  David James Greene 7/7/1852 - 1/20/1933 m Mary Ann Trent 1850-11/18/1928
8.  Robert Milam Greene 10/5/1885 -10/21/1943 married 5/14/1911 at the home
of bride's parents in Sadler, TX Grayson County. Grace Edna Siebman
9.  Glennis Faye Greene 4/30/1918-1/29/1968 married 3/27/1938 in her
grandparents house (same as parents) Carrol Fay Cody 5/30/1917-4/4/1983
Amy Brown
I descend through (starting with Jeremiah's son Richard)> "Mocassin" John > Arthur > Isabella Greene who married Levi Franklin >Jarrett my ggg grandparents.
Virginia Green
William Greene m. Joanna Reeder
Jeremiah Greene m. Joanna Hunt
Richard Greene m. Eleanor Sullivan
Jeremiah Greene m. Anne Hartley
Joel Greene m. Nancy Slaton
Marshal Greene m. (1) ______ Blevins
Thomas Greene m. Malissa Carr
John Lee Green
George Green
Benjamin and Christopher Green
Kay Parsons
My line goes:William Greene 1670-1722, Jeremiah Green, the first, Jeremiah Jr, Jeremiah III, Joel, Benjamin Harrison, George Dewey, Helen Louise Green
Eleanor Howell
Jeremiah GREEN - Joanna HUNT
John GREEN - Hannah HUNT
Susan SHEARER - William Wallace COTTRELL, Jr.
Martha Elizabeth COTTRELL - Ira Coleman LEE
Johnsie Etoy LEE - Henry Harrison HEFFNER
Florence Sue HEFFNER - Bryan Jennings BUSH
Eleanor Sue BUSH - Ollie Floyd HOWELL, Jr.
Darlene Eggers Fermental
I am a direct decendent of Landrine Eggers and Johanna Green.Your site is
great and I wanted to add something to it for you.
Landrine and Johanna
married 16 April 1779 in Rowan Co. N.C. they had 5 children:
1-Sarah Eggers-m.John Reece
2-Mary Eggers-m.John Ford
3-Hugh Eggers-.m Sarah Sally Smith
4-Joanna Eggers-m.Valentine Reese Jr.
5-Lydia Eggers-m. James Swift
My line is Hugh Eggers and Sarah Sally Smith. Then their son Abner Eggers and Lucinda Venable then their son Lewis B.Eggers and Mary Jane Stewart then their son  Joseph Smith Eggers and Martha Abdon then their son Hubart J.Eggers deceased and my mother -Living. then me Darlene Eggers Fermental.
Phyllis Ann (Parker) Robinette        
William Green and Joanna Reeder
Jeremiah Green and Joanna Hunt
Richard Green Sr. and Ellender Sullivan
Richard Green Jr. and Frances Humphries
John Calvin Green#1 and Avrazenna Hale & Ruben Green and Mary "Polly" Bradley
Jasper Green and Nancy Jackson & Amanda Green and James Marion Russell
John Calvin Green#2 and Rebecca Russell
Floyd Edgar Green Sr. and Dora Emma Parks
Emma LaJune Green and Denzil B Parker
Phyllis Ann Parker and Tommy Lee Robinette
Richard's 2 sons, John Calvin and Ruben were both my GGG Grandfather's because their grandchildren married each other.
Becky Carter
My line traces like so: William>Jeremiah>Richard>Isaac>Benjamin>Edmond>Silas>Roger Tipton>Roger Tipton, Jr
Greg Gonzales  Greg's Brother is Christopher C E Green
Jeremiah Jr.
John . b abt 1784
Hardin Otha b. 1820 (NC)
James Allen b. 1856 (TN)
Charles Edward b. 1893 (TN)
Betty Ann Green
Mike Montgomery
Richard, Jeremiah, Lewis, Jane Catherine, Jubilee Mack Bratcher, Eli Burnett Bratcher, Katharine Inez Bratcher
Debbie Greene Wellmon
I am a descendent of William and Joanna Green.  My lineage is William >
Jeremiah > Richard > John > Abel > Robert > Robey > Edward
Gina Metcalf Rangel
William Green - Johanna Reeder
Jeremiah Green - Johanna or Hanna Hunt
Hannah Green - Green cousin?
Martha Green - George Reed
Levi Reed (b.1791) - Sally Helmstetler
Nancy Reed (b. Oct 5, 1823) - Commodore Perry Holston
Levi Perry Holston (b. 1858) - Lydia Jane Jackson
Lillian Genevero Holston (b. 1888) - Charles Lewis Metcalf
Keith Metcalf (my father, born 1924)
Kelly Lincoln Smith
My direct lineage is William>Jeremiah>Jeremiah Jr.>Jacob>George Davis Green>Lemuel Curtis Green>Rebecca Jane Green Patterson>Leola Prudence Patterson Smith>Roy Lincoln Smith>Kelly Lincoln Smith (me).
I'm also directly descended from William Green>Jeremiah Green>Joanna Green Eggers>Hugh Eggers>Joanna Eggers Dotson>Anna Malinda Dotson Green>Rebecca Jane Green Patterson>Leola Prudence Patterson Smith>Roy Lincoln Smith>Kelly Lincoln Smith.  That is, my g-grandmother, Rebecca Jane Green Patterson, was descended directly from two children of Jeremiah's (Jeremiah Jr and Joanna).
More  about Jacob Green and his descendants:
He was an ordained Baptist preacher in Ashe, then Watauga Co, NC. B. 05-07-1796, D. 11-24-1854. M. 09-22-1816 Elizabeth Davis (dau George Davis, Sarah McElroy). Had 12 kids: >Violet 1817, George Davis 12-26-1818, Irving 1821, Emelia ~1823, Lucinda ~1825, Elizabeth ~1927, Enoch ~1829, John 1831, Jacob 1834, Barzilla 1838, Jeremiah 1843, Mary 1846.
>George Davis Green B. 12-26-1818 D. 09-12-1859 M. 12-22-1842 Hannah Wilson (dau Lemuel Alexander Wilson, Rebecca Reese). Hannah B. 10-09-1823, D. 09-29-1909. They had 9 kids:
>Ervin, Lemuel Curtis, Jacob, Emelia, Rebecca, Alexander, Manly, John, George Davis Jr.
Joyce Harrison
I believe my husband's 3rd ggrandmother to be the daughter of Richard Green who married Frances Humphreys. We are still trying to prove this but it looks as if this is the line she came from. Her name was Asseneth Green, born Oct. 1809 NC  and she married Abel Harrison abt. 1830 or 1831 in NC. We also believe him to be the last son born to Joseph Harrison, Jr and Drucilla Bentley Harrison. We have a letter written by Bentley Harrison to Abel who took his family to Bledsoe Co. Tn, then White Co. and onto Taylor Co. Ky where they lived out their lives. I have census records confirming their lives in TN and Ky and hope to be
able to find confirmation of their lives in NC. The name on her son Joseph Harrisons death certificate is Asseneth Green, born NC.
If anyone could help please send Joyce an e-mail.
Carol Wheeler
Our line is:
William-Jeremiah-Jeremiah-Jeremiah-Jane Green who married Elijah Morgan
Feb 3, 1848.
Marilyn Brown
I am a descendant of William Green through son Jeremiah, son Richard,
son Amos, son William Washington, William Washington Gorton, & John
Henry Green. The last two lived and died in Comanche Co., TX.
Gail Thompson Rindler
My direct line is:
William Green m. Joanna Reeder
Jeremiah Green I m. Hannah Johanna Hunt
Richard Green m. Ellender Sullivan
Jeremiah Green, Jr m. Anne Hartley
Joel Green m. Nancy Slaton
Marshall Green m. Hannah Trent
George Washington Green m. Jane Hipsher
George and Jane had 7 girls, no boys.
Bertha Brownie Green m. Charles Brownlo Manning
Hannah J. Manning (named for her great grandmother Hannah Trent) m. Farris Thompson
Jan Dunmire
I am a descendant of your Green/Reeder line.
William>Jeremiah>Richard Sr>Richard Jr>Reuben>Allie.
Allie Green & Richard Phillips are my great-greatgrand parents.
John Wall
I descend from William to Jeremiah Green > Jeremiah Green Jr. > Joanna
Green & Reuben Hartley.  From there the Green family line is broken as I
descend from the Hartley line and Baird lines out of Watauge Co., NC.
John Wall
I descend from William to Jeremiah Green > Jeremiah Green Jr. > Joanna
Green & Reuben Hartley.  From there the Green family line is broken as I
descend from the Hartley line and Baird lines out of Watauge Co., NC.
Charlene Upton
My direct lineage is William & Joanna Reeder > Jeremiah & Joanna Hunt > Jeremiah & Mary Wiseman >Jeremiah & Katharine Hagaman > Wilson & Jane Wilson > Daniel Wesley & Missouri Hurst > Wesley Hanes & Rosie Fultz > Robert J & Myrtle Carroll >
Deb Karpe
William Green is in my line through my Mother's side three times. Her two main surnames are Minton and Danner.
MINTON side:
William Greene m: Joanne Reeder
Jeremiah Greene m: Joanna Hunt
Jeremiah Greene II m: Mary "Polly" Wiseman
Joanna Greene m: Reuban Hartley
Sarah Sally Hartley m: Elijah Isaacs
John Martin Isaacs m: Mary McGinnis
Anor Estella Isaacs m: Isaac Newton Minton
David E. Minton m: Bernice Danner (my grandparents)
DANNER side:
William Greene m: Joanne Reeder
Jeremiah Greene m: Joanna Hunt
Jeremiah Greene II m: Mary "Polly" Wiseman
Joanna Greene m: Reuban Hartley
Sarah Sally Hartley m: Elijah Isaacs
Jane Charlotty Isaacs m: John Danner
William Caroll Danner m: Julia Mary Ann Hollars
Troy Thomas Danner m: Vertie Eliza Hayes
Bernice Danner m: David E. Minton (my grandparents)
DANNER side also:
Joseph Greene m: Elizabeth Shears
Sarah "Sally" Greene m: Ransom Hayes
Joseph Harrison Hayes m: Eliza Hodges
John Edward Hayes m: Celia Alice Trivett
Vertie Eliza Hayes m: Troy Danner
Bernice Danner m: David E. Minton
Carolyn Green Weaver
I am a descendant of William Green/Johanna Reeder via the Jeremiah Green
descendents who ended up in Camden County, MO.  The direct line:
William Green m. Johanna Reeder
2. Jeremiah b. 1710 m. Joanna "Hannah" Hunt;
3.  Richard b. 1740 m. Eleanor Sullivan
4.  Richard b. 1781 m. Francis Humphreys
5.  Ruben b. 1807  m. Mary Polly Bradley
6. Joseph McKinley Green b. 1842   m (2) Letha Caroline Sullivan
7. Frederick Grant Green (twin of Edward Green) b. 1885 m. Isabell Frichette
8. Benjamin Ernest Green b. 1908; m. Crystal Louise Holland
Dr. Kenyon B. De Greene
My lineage is William >Jeremiah Senior>Richard Senior>Richard Junior>William>Levi>William Andrew>Charles >Arthur
E. Caroletta (Gough) Ingrando
My direct lineage is William Green, Jeremiah Green, Sr., Jeremiah Green, Jr., Isaac "Flatty" Green, Solomon Green, Smith Green, Anette Green who married Leonidas Miller, Ethel May (Miller) Steelman, Mary (Steelman) Gough and myself, E. Caroletta (Gough) Ingrando. I joined Daughters of the American Revolution under Jeremiah Green, Jr., National Number 761580.
Linda Flanagan
My direct linage is William, Jeremiah,Richard, Amos, Sarah Green Cowart, Jonathan Cowart, Sarah Cowart Stone, Rosetta Stone Roberts, Bradie Roberts, Linda Roberts Flanagan (me).
Lee Greene : Raleigh,NC
William Greene/Jeremiah Greene/Jeremiah Jr Greene/Isaac "Flatty" Greene/David Greene/George Washington Greene/Heg Greene/Dwight Lee Greene/Dwight Allen Greene and myself Lee Dwight Greene.
Carolyn Benson
I descend from Alice Green who married George Reed.
Mitzi Humphrey
Jeremiah Green was my 5th great grandfather. I am descended through the Jeremiah Greene (m. Anne Hartley)>Joel Greene line. My father Sterling Augustus (Gus)Greene (b. 1916) still resides in Tennessee.
Bill Waller
1. Joannah GREENE 1781-1857 m Reuben HARTLEY 1788-1857
2. Jeremiah GREENE II 1755-1832 m Mary (Polly) WISEMAN
4. Jeremiah GREENE I 1705-1762 m Johannah Hannah HUNT
8. William Judge GREENE 1671 or 78-1722 m Joanna Hannah REEDER
16. John GREENE
32. John GREENE
64. Richard GREENE
128. Richard GREENE
256. Robert the Gentleman GREENE
512. John the Fugitive GREENE
"My attempt here is to cover MAINLY the direct ancestors of Joannah GREENE (who married Reuben HARTLEY) and their immediate families. Information on other GREEN/GREENE people down through, say the 1790 census, would be welcomed here. The material here is the work of others. Additions/corrections welcomed. Information may/will be found here that doesn't agree with other information here. Documentation especially is welcomed where more than one date, etc is given. The numbered (matching chart numbers) quotes have been placed at the end of Joannah GREENE's ped chart."
Gale Trent
I am a descendent of Jeremiah Greene and Johanna Hunt.  My grandmother was Lucy Greene. she was descended from both Richard Greene and Naomi Greene the children of Jeremiah Greene III and Anne Hartley.  We are the Greene's of East Tennessee.  My Grandfather was Issac "Ike" Trent.  He was a descendant of William D. Trent, Sr. and Charity Burton.  Our original immigrant ancestor was Henry Trent, who came to Henrico County Virginia around 1672.
Dan Price
I am from Jeremiah Green, then Hannah Green/Andrew Baird, then Aevas
Baird/John Wood, Isham Wood/Margaret Hobbs,Cynthia Wood/William Price,
William G.Price/Lucinda Bussey, Henderson Emery Price/Alice Hickman, Charles
Floyd Price/Elizabeth Grandstaff
Greg Greene
William Green & Joanna Reeder
Jeremiah Green & Joanna Hunt
Jeremiah Green & Mary Polly Wiseman
Isaac Green & Mary Booth
Solomon Green & Nancy Hodges
Larkin Green & Lucinda Trivette
Solomon Green & Elizabeth Farthing
Claude Green & Virgie Broyles
Alvin Green & Helen Andis
The second Solomon came to Tenn. Sullivan County about 1900 following his brother John. The oldest relative buried here is Lucinda Trivette.
Helen BB
William GREENE and Joanna "Hannah" REEDER
Jeremiah GREENE and Joanna Hannah HUNT
Richard GREENE and Eleanor SULLIVAN
Jeremiah "Jeremy" GREENE III & Anne HARTLEY
William GREENE and Ruth SLATON
Jeremiah GREENE an 2nd wife Mary "Polly" WOLFE
I. Manerva "Nervie" GREENE and Charles W. WINSTEAD
Linda Knight
My direct line is William > Jeremiah > Richard > Amos
Dr. Jessie>Lewis Jessie>Alfred William>Julia>Mary Nina.
I have Pictures of the graveyard of Amos and Elizabeth
and Dr. Jessie Green if anyone is interested.
Wayne L. Greene
I was born in Blowing Rock, N.C just a few miles from the German Reformed Church where Ed Sullivan is buried.  I am descended from Joseph, son of Richard and Ellender Sullivan.  Joseph and Benjamin were twins (born 1783).  In his history of Watauga County, John Preston Arthur says that even when these men were elderly they were hard to tell apart. Joseph married Elizabeth Shearer (in 1790) and had a daughter, Sarah.  He then married Celia Elrod in 1796 who had Robert (1810), Adam (1815), Margaret (1819), Amos (1821), Isaac (1821), Hiram (1823), David (1826), Mary (1833), and Warren (killed as a member of the homeguard in 1865 in Boone during Stoneman's Raid through Western NC).
  Hiram was married in 1845 to Nancy Brookshire and had  Anderson, (1847), Joel (1850), Wate, William(Bill), Wilburn, Elbert, Mary, Maggie, and Louisa.
  Louisa married Abner Greene, son of Edmund Greene and Mineriva Hines. Sons Hardy and Horace were born. Louisa then married Luther Miller.  Hardy married Kate Triplett and is my grandfather and his son, Russell (1911) married (1940) Lois Walser(1917) and is my father . (My father was reared by Louisa and Luther Miller).  I have two sisters, Joan and Barbara who still live in Blowing Rock.
Nancy Kiser
Jeremiah Green/Johanna Hunt
Andrew Baird/Hannah Green
Hannah Baird/Moses Cox
Levi Cox/Lucinda Wine
Morgan Anderson Cox/Sarah Jane Griffin
William Green Cox/Susan Delaney McAdam
Roy Ramond Cox/Freda Grace Bell
Cheri Greene
I would like to be added to this list....My husband is Herman Greene,
Grandson of Robert and Grace Greene.
Sharon Jones
Hannah Green m. Andrew Baird
Avis Baird m. John Wood
Isham Wood m. Margaret "Peggy" Hobbs
Sarah Jane Wood m. David Wilson Williams
Margaret Lucindy Williams m. B. Frazier (2nd husband Preston Beard)
Lula Cynthia Ann Frazier m. Samuel Porter Whitworth
Stella Mable Whitworth m. George Fredrick Adams
I am the granddaughter of Stella and George
Sharon Schultz
Martha Green married George Reed May 12,1785 Rowan Co., NC
Levi Reed  Married Sally Helmstestler
Calvin Reed Married Sarrah Tooley
Eli Rufus Reed  Married  Mary Ellen Christy
Sarah MIllie Reed Married Benjamin Henry Spelts
Mary Ellen Spelts Married Howard Mathies
Karen Crisman
William Green & wife Joanna Reeder
son--Jeremiah born Feb. 15, 1710 in Hunterdon Co. NJ died Oct. 1762 or 1763 in 3 Forks Ashe Co, NC. married abt 1732 to Joanna(Hanna or Hannah) F. Hunt.
their son-Jeremiah born Feb. 15, 1755 in Salisbury,Rowan Co, NC died Dec. 30, 1839. married Mary (Polly) Wiseman Oct. 31, 1774
Their son born June 12, 1782  in Rowan Co, NC died Aug. 18, 1844.  married Catherine Hagaman Oct. 21, 1804 in Buncombe Co, NC
Their son Jeremiah born March 14, 1810 in Haywood Co, NC died Aug. 22, 1862 or 1863 in Johnson Co, Tx married Rebecca Jane Hunter Jan. 26, 1829
Jeremiah killed & scalped by Indians. Buried in Rough Creek Cemetery in Hood or Johnson County, Tx.
Their son Elijah Henry born Oct. 2, 1829 in Haywood Co, NC died May 8, 1898 married 1st wife Harriet Jane Walls in 1854.  2nd wife A. Melvina Henson 3rd wife A. Ingran on May 25-26, 1893
Their daughter Mary Jane Green born Feb. 3, 1860in Johnson Town, Hood Co, Tx died April or Feb. 27, 1929. married Columbus Franklin Nash 1875 in Hood Co, Texas
Their daughter Mary Elizabeth Nash born Sept. 1, 1890 in Rockett, Ellis Co, Tx, died Nov. 27, 1949 in Abilene, Tx also buried there.  married Thomas Ransom Columbus Jones July 22, 1906 in Rocket, Ellis Co, Tx.
Their son Lynn B. Jones born dec. 31, 1907 in Rocket, Tx. died Jan. 10, 1991 in Lubbock, Lubbock Co, Tx buried Jan. 13, 1991 in Memphis, Hall Co, Tx  married Mattie Orah Kennon July 7, 1927 in Memphis, Hall Co, Tx
Their daughter Helen Ruth Jones born Sept. 12, 1929 in Memphis, Hall Co, Tx, married Fred Clark Crisman Sept. 12, 1947 in Memphis, Hall Co, Texas.
Their 2nd daughter Karen Elaine born Nov. 21, 1953 in Memphis, Hall Co, Tx
This is all the direct line to me from William Green
Karen Hedrick
1-Jeremiah and Anne
2-William Greene and Rutha Slaton
3-John Arthur Greene and Malissa Emaline Wolfe
4-Nancy J. Greene and Andrew Jackson Yount
5-Harvey Monroe Yount and Lucretia Ruth Odom
6-Vola Grace Yount and George Marion Williams
7-Clara Maxine Williams and William Anderson Yount, Jr.
Peggy Thomas Villanueva
I am a great great granddaughter of Ally Green Francis Phillips whose father was Reuben Green. I would love to be on the mail list. We have a website of Ally's descendants and some other of the Greens who were in Camden Co MO if any of your members would be interested. It is an invitation only site so have them contact me.
Lisa Dickson
"I am the great-granddaughter of Rose and Noah Wagner."

William Green m. Joanna Reeder
Jeremiah Green m. Joanna Hunt
Sarah Green m. John Wilson
Mary Wilson m. Levi Heath
Sarah Heath m. Andrew Potter
William Potter m. Amanda Sammons
Rose Potter m. Noah Wagner
Virginia McKenzie

Jeremiah, Jr.     1755   
John               c 1784  
Hardin Otha        1820      Ellinor Gordon 
Margaret             1853     Thomas Cannon
C C Cannon        1880      Frances Ritter
Melvin                 1905      Ethelyn Thompson
Anna Green

William Green and Joanna Reeder
Jeremiah Green and Joanna Hunt
Richard Green and Eleanor Sullivan
Richard Green Jr. and Frances Humphries
Rueben Green and Mary "Polly" Bradley
Joseph M. Green
James M. Green and Mary T.
Joel C. Green and Gertie McDowell
Alfred Leo Green
Kendall D. Greene

My line is William-> Jeremiah-> Richard-> Jeremiah->
Richard "Dick"-> David-> Samuel-> Cornelius "Neal"
1. William Green
2. Jeremiah Green
3. Richard Green
4. Richard Green, Jr.
5. Reuben Green
6. Isaac Richard Green
7. James Ezra Green
8. Ralph Ezra Green
Marv Blevins

William Green and Joanna Reeder
Jeremiah Green and Joanna Hunt
Richard Green and Eleanor Sullivan
Richard Green Jr. and Frances Humphries
Rueben Green and Mary "Polly" Bradley
Ally Green and Richard Marion Phillips
Lucinda Phillips and James Monroe Hix
Allie Ioma Hix and William Franklin Park
Niota Eggers
Jeremiah and Joanna Hunt Greene
Joanna Greene-Landrine Eggers
Hugh Eggers
Abner Eggers
James Carroll Eggers
Hamilton "Ham" Eggers
Fred Eggers
Robert "Bob" Eggers---my husband
My husband is a g-g-g-g-g-g-g-grandson of William Green according to my research and the research of others.
 I believe the line of descent is as follows:
1. William Green & Joanna Reeder
2. Jeremiah Green, Sr. & Joanna Hunt
3. Jeremiah Greene, Jr. & Mary Wiseman
4. Isaac ("Flatty Isaac") Greene & Mary Booth
5. Isaac Greene, Jr. & Sarah Estes
6. Archibald Greene & Barbara Greer
7. Isaac David Greene & Mary Ellen Carlton
8. Jerry Harrison Greene & Nora Elzora Watson
9. Edith Viola Greene & RC Soots
10. Michael B. Soots & Nina E.Lambert
Peggy Villanueva
My descendency is the same as Marv Blevins down to Ally Green, daughter of Rueben and Mary Bradley. Then I am descended from Ally and her 1st husband mar ca 1850 prob Camden Co MO, Francis Marion Francis b. ca 1833, maybe in SC, d. Mar 1860, Camden Co MO
    >Mary Ellen Francis, b. 1852, Camden Co MO, d. aft 1900, mar ca 1870, #1 John Thomas, s/o Alpha and Sarah Wisdom Thomas; div. John Thomas ca 1892; mar 30 Aug 1896,#2. George  T Sewell
        >John Marshall Thomas, b.8 Nov 1875 Benton Co  MO,d. 30 Apr 1945, OK city, OK; mar Sarah Agnes Lamm, d/o James Samuel and Sarah Eliz Wiseman Lamm, on 8 Nov 1899, Pottawatamie Co, OK Terr
            >Eugene Warren Thomas, b. 31 Dec 1913, Castle, Okfuskee Co OK, d. 24 Mar 1977 Akron, Washington Co CO; mar #1 J Blondell Boulware, d/o Charles Henry and Stella Carrie Jackson Boulware, on 31 Dec 1935
                >Peggy Thomas Villanueva, b. 29 May 1939, OK City, OK, now reside in Newport News VA.

Sandra Greene Setlock

1) William "judge" Greene (1671-1722) m. Joanna Burroughs Reeder
2)Jeremiah "of Linwood" Greene (1710-1763) m. Joanna "Hannah" Hunt
3)Richard "of Blowing Rock" Greene (1740-1800) m. Eleanor Sullivan
4)Richard Greene (1766-1830) m. Frances Humphries
5)Thomas Greene (1810-1891) m. Margaret Moore
6)David Greene (1843-1872) m. Julia Rollins
7) Pinkney Romilus Greene (1870-1961) m. Sarah Elizabeth  "Bessie" Matheny
8) Nollie David Greene (1895-1984) m. Florence Estelle "Stella" Ramsey


Tony Bryant

William, Jeremiah, Jeremiah II, JeremiahIII, Wiseman, Leah, James David, and Hallie was my grandmother.


Patricia Hobbs

My line comes from William Greene m. Joanna Reeder (6th g grandfather)

Jeremiah Greene m. Joanna Hunt (5th g grandfather)

Isaac Greene m. Margaret Wilson (4th g grandfather)

John Greene m. Nancy Daniel (3rd g grandfather)

Fredrick Kent m. Rebecca Greene (2nd g grandmother)


Dylan Green


Martha Green Havemann

My grandfather is John Thomas Green born in September 1890 in Georgia.   His father was named Jeremiah Thomas Green born 1864 in Georgia and died in 1949 in Hawkins, Texas.  His father was Jeremiah F. Green born in 1829  in Georgia and died in 1909 in Georgia.  His father was named John Green born in Georgia in 1812 ? and died unknown date.  His father was named Enoch Green and he was born in North Carolina in 1778 and moved to Georgia and died there in 1854.  His father was named Jeremiah, Jr. Green born in 1755  and died in 1839 in N Carolina.  His father was Jeremiah Green born in 1705 in New  Jersey and died in 1762.  His father was William Green which was born in 1671 in England and Died in 1722 in New Jersey. 


Amanda Green

I am a direct descendant of :
1. William Greene and Joanna Reeder
2. Jeremiah Green and Johanna Hunt
3. Richard Green Sr. and Ellender Sullivan
4. Richard Green Jr. and Jane Francis Humphries
5. Reuben Green and Mary Ann "Polly" Bradley
6. Joseph McDaniel Green and Mira Electa Wilcox
7. James Monroe Green and Mary Hix
8. Joel Carlton Green and Gertie May McDowell
9. Ralph Wayne Green and Lucille Fern Hall
10.Jimmy Dale Green and Teresa Ann Summers
11. Myself Amanda Green
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Leeunah Vance Woods

Willliam Greene –Joanna Reeder
Jeremiah Greene – Joanna “Hanna” Hunt
Richard Greene – Eleanor Sullivan
John (John Moccasin) Greene- Martha Jones
Joseph S. Greene – Mary “Pollie” Collis
Aaron Greene – “Sally” Ann Buchanan
William Collis Greene – Betsy Buchanan 2. Betty Jean Station
Sally Anne Greene – Raymond Otto Vance, Sr
Harry David Vance (born 1923) (My father) - Helen Cable

Kimberly Barbera

My line: Jersey Settlement Folks in Tennessee...

William Green
Jeremiah Green
Richard Henry Green
Richard Green
GGG Grandfather: (Tennessee) Enoch Green
GG Grandmother: (Tennessee) Rachel Green

Stella Gilmore Taylor

William Green and Joanna Reeder
Jeremiah Green I and Johanna Hunt
Jeremiah Green II and Mary "Polly" Wiseman
Jeremiah Green III and Katherine Hagaman
Jeremiah Green (IV) and Caroline Morgan: lived in Upper Hominy Valley/Buncombe County, North Carolina.
Jeremiah d. 06 Nov. 1863 in Marietta, GA hospital
Children: Elmina b. 7 Nov. 1858, d. 22 Oct. 1861; Sarah R. b. 25 Feb. 1860, d. 05 Oct. 1861; Julia Manassus, b. 10 Sept 1861, d. 15 Aug 1921
Julia M. Green and Isaac Baxter Roberson
Cassius Baxter Roberson (2nd child of Julia & Isaac) and Estella Owenby
Christine Roberson (1st child of Cash and Estella) and John Moorman Gilmore

Wanda Hicks

 William Green and Joanna Reeder
Jeremiah Green and Joanna Hunt
Richard Green ,Sr. and Ellenor Sullivan
Amos Green and Elizabeth Searcy
William Washington Green and Hannah Dover
Susan Elizabeth Green and Jeremiah Head
William Egbert Lindsey and Alice Miranda Head

Kendall Lohmann

William "Judge" Green/Joanna B. Reeder
Jermiah Green/ Joanna H. Hunt
Richard Green/Eleanor Sullivan
Joseph Green/Celia Elrod
Amos Green/Julia McChanles
Riley B. Hatley/Sarah R. Green
John Kendall/Arminda "Minnie" Hatley
Willard E. Kendall/Charlotte A. Tietz
Gerald E. Lohmann/Jeanne M. Kendall
Kendall D. Lohmann

Leslie Robinson Coleman

William Greene & Joanna Reeder
Jeremiah Greene & Johanna Hunt
Richard Greene & Eleanor Sullivan
John Green & Martha E. Jones
Arthur Green & Nancy Sparks
Elizabeth Green Riddle & Nathan Riddle
James Marion Riddle & Alice Ann Evans
Ella Grace Riddle Cloyd & Samuel Miller Cloyd
Edna Grace Cloyd Robinson & Nelson Warren Robinson
James Miller Robinson & Anna Marie Fake
Leslie Robinson Coleman (this is meJ) – married to Gerald Patrick Coleman

Natalie Lemons

William Green
Jeremiah Green
Jeremiah Green
Jeremiah Green
Isaac Green
William Riley Green m. Lydia Jane Mooneyham/Waddell
John Henry Green m. Fannie Marlow Reid (Cocke county TN 1877-1971)
Rube Henry Green (1910-1988)
Lois Marie Green
Kaylena Marie Wade (1959-2003)
Natalie (me)