Henry Perrine Green Died 1893
Married Virginia Reeder

Henry P. Green (46), son of Samuel (44), married Virginia, daughter of Amos Reeder. Their children are: William, married Augustine, daughter of William Scudder; Frederic, married Mary Lee; Anna, died in youth; Florence, died in childhood; Henry; and Reeder.

They married in 1843. The Rev. Eli F. Cooley performed the ceremony.

Henry P. Green was born in 1819. He married Virginia Reeder in 1843. The Rev. Eli F. Cooley performed  the ceremony. Rev Cooley baptised Virginia in 1850.They had six children, two of whom died in childhood or  adolescence. For one dollar and an agreement to support his father, Henry  purchased the house and farm from Samuel in 1848. However, the farm now included only 197 acres on the west side of the Shabakunk. Samuel had sold in 1840, all of his property adjoining on the east side of the creek to another son,  William A. Green. This William was Henry's older brother, born in 1816.  His initials, found in a stone on the grounds outside the house, must date from the interval between 1816 and 1840.

Henry and Virginia were the last Green couple to rear a family in the William Green Farmhouse. They lost the original farm on a peach crop endeavor. They did retain the adjacent farm, however. See Chapter 16 of Robert Green's book for all of the details. They sold the house to Lydia Ann (Howell) Moore in 1879. Lydia was related to Henry Green through their common ancestor, Nathaniel Moore. Her husband Charles, who died in 1870, was the brother of Catherine (Moore) Green, wife of Henry's brother William A. Green.

Henry P. Green, son of Samuel  and Hannah (Perrine) Green, was the owner of a farm of one hundred and sixty acres, which he cultivated in a most efficient manner. He married Virginia Reeder, daughter of John and Hannah (Folwell) Reeder, and has seven children,  of whom three died in infancy, and the others are:

1. William Edgar Green, married Louisa Augustine Scudder, had children: Holmes S. married Fannie Hart; Anna Virginia, married ----------------------; Louisa A.., unmarried; Robert Welling, married Sarah Green; Mary Scudder, unmarried; Matilda, married Holmes Bruere; and William, married Ella Stout, and had one child, William.

2. Frederick Reeder Green married Mary Anna Lee, had four children:

Florence (born on 8/14/1888 and died on 1/1/1955); married Charles Ely

Ralph Lee (born on 7/22/1883 and died on 3/25/1935)

Charles Jeffries (born on 11/21/1894 and died in 1944)

Georgianna Lee Green (Jan. 17, 1885 - 1/10/1970 ); married Lewis Von Princess Stout (1883-1953) Georgianna and Lewis had four children: Dorothy Ruth (born on 5/6/1908 and died on 8/1/2003) married Harold Morris.They had no children; Ralph Lewis (1909-1996) married Marion Kehr. They had one child Ralph Lewis Jr. born in 1938.  Marion died and Ralph then married, in 1947, Betty Ann Ege Stout. They had two children, Jeffrey Lee (1950) and Nancy Ann (1956); Lewis Mercer (5/24/1915) married Eleanor Robins (1917-2004).  They had two children Marion and Lewis; John Frederick (1925) married Joyce Rhieneking.  They had two children, Carol and Lesley. 

3. Harry A. Green, married Louisa Smith, has one child: Harry Holmes.

4. Amos Reeder.

Anna V., Florence and Henry Howard were the three children who died young.

 Editor's Note: Robert Welling's wife was a Scudder in the female line. She was the daughter of John W. Green,; Henry P.'s brother, and Elizabeth Scudder

Holmes S. Green