William Green Jr died 1786
Married Lydia Armitage

"I am the third son of the immigrant William. I married Lydia Armitage, the daughter of Enoch Armitage. I was one of the corporators of Trenton First Church. My male line remained on the farm until the end, when a financial endeavor on a peach crop forced us to sell the William Green House. You can read about that in CH 16 of Rob Reeder's Book. We Greens did retain some property: The part known as The Green-Reeder Farm, bordering on the Carlton Ave. end of the original homestead. However, my descendant Henry Perrine Green, had purchased that land in the 1800s, from the Hendrickson family. It was not part of the original homestead."

"William (4), son of William (1), who died 1786, aged 84, was one of the corporators of Trenton First Church (now Ewing) from 1756 to 1764. He married Lydia, daughter of Enoch Armitage, by whom he had Enoch (40); William (41); Joanna, wife of Christopher Howell; and Mary, wife of Daniel Howell.

Living Descendants of William and Lydia out there in Cyberland:

Lauren O’ Neal, her sons William Joseph and Thomas Steward, and her sister, Caroline Flick.

William Green Jr/William Green III/Samuel M. Green, Henry P. Green, Amos R. Green, Edith Headley Green.

Jim Green
"The following is the closest I could come to my family line":

1. William Green

2. William Green II (B- 1702, D- 1786) M- Lydia Armitage, daughter of Enoch
Armitage.they had a daughter Mary Green

3. Mary Green M- Daniel Howell and they had a daughter Rhoda Howell (B- 1766,
D- 1839)

4. Rhoda Howell Green M- John Green (B- 1766, D- 1854) they had a son Richard  Green IV (B- 1794, D- 1846)

5. Richard Green IV  M- Sarah M. Sherrerd (B- 1803) They had 5 children,  Samuel Sherrerd(B-1829); William Sherrerd (B-1831); Edward Dunham (B- 1833); Anna Maria Robeson (B- 1836); and Emily (B- 1844).

6. Samuel Shererd Green  M- Maria Paula Littlejohn (B- 1831, D- 1876) they had 7 children, Henry Parsons (B- 1857, D- 1859); Albert (B- 1858, D- 1859) ;
David Frank (B- 1860, D- 1863); Harry (B- 1863); Anita (Annie) (B- 1863);
Edward (B- 1867); Florinda (B- 1868, D- 1951).

7. Harry Green  M- Maria Zoila Avila (B- 1868, D- 1955) they had 3 children,
Samuel William Green (B- 1885, D- 1961); Harry David (B- 1887, D- 1952); Rose
Virginia (B- 1893, D- 1991)
Some notes: William Sherrerd Green worked in a printing press in the 1855. The press was located at 63 Dock St, Philadelphia,PA. I have a bound book printed by William S. Green for his brother Edward D. Green. It was a narrative of a gold hunting expedition that Edward had done in 1853. Samuel Sherrerd Green migrated to the west coast when he was a young man. He settled near Cambria, California on a ranch in Green Valley named after him.