Joseph Green Jr. died 1826
Married Hannah Lanning

"Joseph (38), son of Joseph (3), who died February 23rd, 1826, aged 75, married Hannah, daughter of Richard Lanning. She died February 2nd, 1828, aged 65, having had children: Charles (39) ; Elizabeth, born March 5th, 1784, married Zenos Hart; Ann, born December 6th, 1785, married Abijah Lanning; Isaac, died in childhood; Rachel, born March 6th, 1789, married John Hendrickson; Burgis Allison, born November 14th, 1796, married, and lived in Illinois; Enoch Wilson, born March 14th, 1799, married  Susan Cook; Margaret, born January 3rd, 1801, second wife of Asher Hill; Lydia, born February 3rd, 1803, married Samuel B. Green (60); and Mary, died in childhood."