Wednesday, May 30, 2001

Restoration to cost CNJ $1.2 mil

By Linda Lisanti
Staff Writer

EWING-  The College of New Jersey announced yesterday a $1.2 million plan to restore a ramshackle farmhouse on its campus.

        �If we don�t do something, it�s going to fall down,� said school and town officials at a press conference in front of the William Green Farmhouse.
       Built in the 1730s, the house was home to William Green III, a scout in George Washington�s army. During the Revolutionary War, it was used by Green to assist the Colonial Army in winning the Battle of Trenton.
        Uninhabited since 1980, the house is an eyesore among the campus plush surroundings.
        The college has gone �up and down� about the future of the building, said Mayor Al Bridges, also an official with the College of New Jersey.
        They now plan to restore the house to its original glory and use it as a social scene for students, possibly a coffee house.
        �This house has historical significance to Ewing and all of Mercer County and potential for the students,� said Bridges, adding that it will be restored from the bottom to the top.
        But if $1.2 million sounds like a lot of money to be spent on just one house on the college campus, Greg Bressler, vice-president of facilities management and planning agrees.
        �It is, but we�re not going to the Home Depot,� he said.
        �We have to have (the supplies) made and bring in architects, engineers and individuals with historic knowledge to uncover the past.�
        Bridges said the amount of money doesn�t compare to the college�s other buildings, which cost $15 to $20 million.
        �It�s a wise investment. Just imagine the building restored,� he said. �It makes sense.�