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Greens and Reeders Buried in
First Presbyterian Church of Ewing Cemetery

From 1722 until the present, many Greens were buried here,
near Scotch Road in Ewing Township, NJ.

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the corresponding grave stones.

"Old Trees!  When ye were young and small your shade,

There at your feet a stranger form they laid,
Now many others rest beside his bed.
For many a mossy stone the names disclose,
Of Hart, Reed, Scudder, Howell, Clark and Rose.
Hunt, Burroughs, Reeder, Hendrickson and Green,
Fish, Welling, Temple, Lanning, Moore and Dean,
Cook, Chambers, Carle and Muirheid, Furman, Lott,
And hundreds without stone to mark the spot.
These slow processions in their sad array,
From age to age have traced their mournful way."

-- Final stanza of a poem written in 1852 by Esther McIlvainean, an estimable member of Ewing Church, prompted by the natural destruction of one of two old oaks in the church-yard.

Ewing Church

The Old Oak
To View Stones click the hyperlinks. Stones are posted on corresponding Gen Page.
Row G:
Unknown two stones stacked back to front.
2nd stone in appears to read Wm Lanning [illegible relation expression to] Hannah Green.
Joseph Green
4. Hannah wife of Joseph, died February 2, 1828 age 65.
After the bend in this row we find the graves of two Reeders:
John Reeder
: Pvt Phiilips Regt NJ Mil Revolutionary War
Isaac Reeder: Wagonmaster Hunterdon Militia Sept 25, 1784. This is John's son: "Isaac, born 1754, and died, aged 30, having married Rachel, daughter of Daniel Scudder,
by whom he had no children."

Row A: (In line with the remaining old oak) Single image shows both graves.    
· 3rd stone in is illegible, but the plaque at it's base reads:
"Israel Carle New Jersey Capt Nixon's Co of Horse, Revolutionary War." This is the widower of Eliza (Stevens) Carle, sister of Israel Stevens.
· 4th stone is Lydia (Green) Carle, Israel Carle's second wife.  She was the daughter of William Green III
To the right of Israel and Lydia are many Woodruffs, including their daughter Anna.
Row B: (We are now between the Sanctuary & The Old Oak):
Two very old graves Abner & Hannah Reeder. A son of John (4) Abner, born 1766, married Hannah Wilkinson, of Pennsylvania.
ROW C: A long row of (from left to right, as usual) Moores, Burroughs' & Harts.
ROW 1: Two Wellings start the row. Followed by seven Greens.  Many, many Wellings lie to the right.

1. Elijiah Green- died July 28 1850  He was the son of William III, and the brother of  Samuel "Devil Sam" M. Green

Samuel M. Green- died April 1 1859, age 67

Mary Green - died March 25 1847, age 52 (This is Mary "Polly "Perrine, the wife of Samuel, and my wife's 3rd Great Grandmother. Cooley shows her date of death as died November 25th, 1847, aged 52. )

Sarah Green, daughter of William and Phebe Green died 1820.
(This is the daughter of
William III)

Wm Green - died 1722. This is the immigrant. His grave was moved here in 1867. His wife Joanna is buried we know not where, but probably beneath the current sanctuary.

6. "
Wm Green - died Oct 30 1815. Aged 72 years 10 months"
The plaque reads "William Green New Jersey Pvt Hunterdon Militia Revolutionary War October 30 1815."

Phebe Green, wife of William III.

We also find many Reeders in the cemetery, including Amos Reeder Sr, who lies buried a few rows further from the church.

ROW 2: 1-7 are from other families, then:

8. William R Green- Pvt Capt Mott's Co.- died Jan 6 1822
(This is
William, son of Richard. Cooley show his death as 1818)

Elizabeth Green- Elizabeth Burroughs, wife of William R. She died 1842, aged 84.)

Martha Green- Martha Howell, Second Wife of Joseph Benjamin Green

Joseph B. Green

Nancy Green, First Wife of Joseph Benjamin Green

13. Sarah Matilda Green.

Illegible, but must be a Green. Probably one of Joseph B.'s kin.

Illegible, but must be a Green. Probably one of Joseph B.'s kin.

16. Elizabeth Ann Green  daughter of Joseph and Nancy
ROW: 4

1. "In the memory of William E Green
son of
The Revd Enoch Green
Who departed this life
(illegible) 1813"
A long quotation that followed these words was illegible
This is the grave of
William Enoch Green, son of Rev. Enoch. Rev. Enoch was buried in the aisle of the Deerfield Presbyterian Church.

ROW 9:

7th stone in is: "Jane Green Widow of Nathaniel Coleman died April 12 1900 in the 9[0?] year of her age"
(She was the daughter of
James Cummings Green- a Benjamin descendant.)
ROW 11:

1. "Enoch W Green Son of William and Chatty Green died April 23 1868 in the 69th year of his age"
This a son of
William E Green.

Chatty Reading This is the widow of William E. Green, Charity. She  married, second, Pierson Reading, hence the Reading surname.

Philip Physic Green. An eight-foot high, brown pillar, with a finger pointing upward below the inscription- "There is Rest in Heaven" Philip Physic Green died at Greensburg, NJ October 29th 1860, aged 49 years & 2 months."
(This is the brother of the above mentioned Enoch W Green.)

ROW 12:

1.  "Rachel B Green died April 8, 1900 in her 73rd year" Daughter of John G Green.

2. "
John G  Green died Nov 28 1874 Aged 92 years & 12 days"

3. "
Elizabeth wife of John Green who departed this life Oct 2nd 1859 in the 75th year of her age"

4. "
I. Maxwell Green 1842-1912"  This is a son of William A.Green.

5. "Harriet Van Cleve wife of Maxwell Green 1841-1930" This is wife of I. Maxwell Green 1842-1912

6. A  short, small, old white stone with the top edge of it engraved "
Theodore Green" just to the right of this and a foot or two nearer the sanctuary is a ten foot high monument:

7. "
Lieut. Theodore Green [illegible] 14th  NJ Volunteers   Born January 14th AD 1843 Killed in Battle near Winchester VA Sept 19th AD 1864"    This is the son of James B. Green Jr & Deborah nee Moore. Theodore, who entered the Union Army, and, as lieutenant, but commanding Company I, of the Fourteenth New Jersey Volunteers, fell, gallantly fighting, in the battle of Winchester, Va., September 19th, 1864, aged 20.

8. "Catherine Green (May?) 25 1866 aged 80 yrs."
(This is the wife of
James B, Catherine nee Anthony.)

9. "
James B Green October 23 AD 1847 Aged 63 Years" He was a trustee of Ewing church. His wife Catherine was the daughter of William Anthony.

10. "
ALBERT M"  Died in youth. Son of James B Jr and Deborah.

11. Is a very small stone "
ANNA MARY". Infant perhaps?

12. "
Deborah S wife of James B Green August 11th 1855"
(This is Deborah, daughter of Cornelius Moore.)

13. "
James B Green Born Nov 18 1818 died 1891"

14. "
M. MARIA wife of James B died Feb 25 1877 aged 59 years" This is Maria, daughter of Benjamin Van Cleve)

15. A Small stone reads: "Anna Elizabeth daughter of James (illegible) Born April 7 1860 Died Aug (illegible)  1861"

16. "
GREEN JOHN V.C. 1858-1921  MARION His Wife 1857-1922"
(This is John, son of 14 & 13 above, who married Marion, daughter of George Potts.)

17. "
Henry A. son of William & Eliza Green Born Oct 27 184(4?)  Died Nov 29 1857"

18. "
MOTHER  ELIZA GREEN 1812-1898" This the daughter of Ephraim Roberts.

WILLIAM A. GREEN1809-1853"

20. "
He was a merchant of Trenton; a member of the state legislature; an elder in the Ewing Church.

21. "
(This is the daughter of Clark Chambers, and she was Alex's 1st wife.)


23. "
KATIE Our Loved One Daughter of... " the rest is illegible. No doubt another of Alexander B.'s children.

24. "
(Alex's second wife -- Jane Rice)

25. "
(His third wife, Mary, daughter of Daniel Cook.)

26. "
(His fourth wife, Clementine Davis, of Columbia, Pa.)

ROW 13:

This row starts with Alfred & Cornelia Reeder, died 1923 & 1919, respectively.  After the next 17 graves of other families, a good number of Greens follow:

19. "In Memory of
Eliza daughter of James C & Keziah Green Died Jan 6th 1859"

20. "In Memory of
David B son of  James C and Keziah Green"

21. "In Memory of
Keziah wife of James C Green who departed this life Oct 7th 1848 In the 68th year of her age."

22. This stone is of the same age & style as Keziah's stone, but only the a few inches of the base remains. The rest was broken off at some point in time. However, this must be the grave of
James C. Green.

23. A very large stone for two males-a Hunt & a Hendrickson.

24. "
Jane C Green Born Jan 11, 1842  Died April 10, 1922"

25. "Armitage Green Born Sept 30 1834 died Aug 2 1910."

26. "
Elizabeth E. Green Born Feb 18 1841 Died Jan 1 1886 A precious one from us is gone, A voice we loved is still; A place is vacant in our home, Which never can be filled."

27. "In Memory of
LYDIA, wife of Samuel B Green who departed this life Jan 23rd  1863: In the 60th year of her age. Weep not dear friend, weep not for me;…" She was the daughter of Joseph Green.

28. "In Memory of
SAMUEL B GREEN, who departed this life June 15th 1858 Aged 68 years, 4 months and 6 days."

29-47 Are other surnames.

48. On a HENDRICKSON tomb is the inscription (among others): "
ENOCH GREEN March 9, 1826  June 17, 1917"

Area C

(To the left side of the map, the circle C near Church Drive)
A single stone for: "Elijiah M Green 1847-1953" & "Wife Virginia P 1873- 1949" Below these two names appears the inscription "Ray P"

Area D--(To the left side of the map, the circle D near Church Drive):

Robert W. Green 1872- 1957
Sarah J. Green 1873-1962
This is Robert Welling Green & his wife Sarah Green, daughter of John Green & Elizabeth Scudder. Robert Welling Green was a grandson of Henry P Green. R.W.'s  father was William Edgar Green, who married Augustine, daughter of William Scudder.  An old photo of Robert Welling's older brother Holmes is posted on this site.


Area E:

The fifth row in this area is the final resting place of a few more of my wife's direct kin (Her great grandparents, their infant daughter, son & daughter-in-law):
Across Church Drive, at the bend to the left, 5 rows in is a single large stone naming:
Amos R. Green, died 1944;
Myra H. Green, his wife, died 1947;
Rob Green, died 1979;
Florence, his wife, died 1992.
To the immediate left of this grave is the small infant grave of Amos & Myra's daughter
Frances, died 1903, 18 days.

Near Amos and Myra are many Woodruff relatives, and a Jeffries/Green relations grave as well. The latter is Henry's sister Sarah, and her husband David Jeffries, a banker I am told.

Additional Green Graves on Memorial Dr.

Heading down Memorial Dr from Scotch Rd, you see the sanctuary off to your right. Rev Eli Cooley’s grave is on the right side a short distance from the road. Also on the right are:
The first Green is Augusta R. Green 1852-1905, daughter of
William A. Green. She is buried beside her husband, Joseph C. Dye, 1845-1918.

Next is the very conspicuous family plot of the Harvey Fisk family, where he and his wife Louisa Green are buried. Louisa, daughter of Alexander B Green , was born August 8th, 1834; died April 13th, 1905.

Still heading toward Church Dr on Memorial Dr., eight rows from the intersection there are many Greens. First is Charles Green, 1782 to 1859. His wife Eliza, 1799-1882, is beside him. Their Son John H. Green, 1831-1909 is next in line.

Next in the row is the large pillar marking the graves of Henry P Green, 1819-1893; Virginia Reeder Green, 1821-1902; and their children Anna Virginia, 1850-1865; Florence, 1852-1862; and Howard Green, 1848-1855.

A few graves to their left lies William Armitage Green, Nov 17, 1815 to Jan 16, 1899. This is Henry P. Green's brother, William A.Green.

Near Henry and Virginia, in the next row, is a similar large pillar for the Reeder family.
Here lies Amos Reeder Jr, March 2 1810-April 12, 1898; his first wife Catherine Anderson, June 8, 1813-Feb 19, 1836; his second wife Mary Large, April 5, 1816- Feb 23, 1906; Amos Jr’s son Joseph S. Reeder, June 22, 1845- June 13, 1915; and
Alfred M. Reeder’s first wife Maggie Covert, June 21, 1840- Jan 25, 1872

As part of a state-wide WPA project, the following Maidenhead/Lawrenceville burials up to 1933 were documented:

19 Greens are buried in the Upper Cemetery at Maidenhead-- earliest burial date is 1748.

7 Reeders are buried in the Lawrenceville Presbyterian Church graveyard-- earliest burial date is 1825.

See the notes below in regard to Reeder graves...

"… we are hindered by the fact that all of the tombstones of the earlier (Reeder) burials at the Ewing Presbyterian Church have disintegrated, including those of Isaac and his wives and of his son John and his wives. The inscriptions for Isaac and for John and his first wife were copied before they disintegrated, but the other stones for this family in these two generations were not, and the Cemetery Office, across the road from the church and cemetery, has only a few Reeder burials, not even all that can now be seen still existing in the cemetery, which are of later generations in every case and probably of a better grade of stone.”.”—from page 81 of an unpublished projected book draft in Edith Orr's possession about the Bainbridge Family by George Mc Cracken, a professional genealogist.

Greens Buried in Riverview Cemetery Trenton, N J:

Caleb Smith Green; Born Feb. 18, 1819; Died Feb. 19, 1891
This is Judge Caleb Smith Green, who lived in Maidenhead at Cherry Grove.

Emily Augusta Ewing, wife of Henry W. Green; Born Aug. 13, 1808; Died June 14, 1837.
Henry W.'s first wife.

Henry Woodhull Green, L.L.D., son of Caleb S. & Elisabeth Van Cleve Green; Born Sept. 20, 1804; Died Dec. 19, 1876.  This is Judge Caleb's brother.

Susan Mary Ewing, wife of Henry W. Green; Born Nov. 18, 1812; Died July 25, 1892. Henry W.'s second wife.

Ellen Green, wife of W. S. Johnson, daughter of Enoch Green; Born Nov. 14, 1817; Died Sept. 16, 1894